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Custom Slaughter


1/4, 1/2, or whole beef                                          1/2 or whole hog

$3.00/lb x hanging weight                                                $1.60/lb x hanging                 to purchase from us                                                     weight to purchase from us

$0.85/lb to cut and wrap                                                   $0.85/lb to cut and wrap

$100 slaughter fee                                                                   $60 slaughter fee 

($125 for a kill and chill)                                                        ($80 for a kill and chill)

                                              *all prices subject to change*

Animals we slaughter








**Any animals that are excessively dirty are subject to additional charges**

Custom Slaughter Cut Sheets

The cut sheets below are what we use to take your instrustions as to how you want your animal processed. These may seem confusing to look at but the process is very simple. If you decide to call your instructions in or do them in person, our staff will be able to walk you right through the process with in a few minutes. You may not be able to get everything that is listed on these sheets due to the fact that some of the listed cuts come from the same part of the animal.

Custom Beef Cut Sheet

Custom Hog Cut Sheet

Custom Lamb/Goat Cut Sheet

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