Retail Meats

We offer a variety of the finest fresh and frozen retail meats. Any of our products can be cut and packaged to order.


We carry many different cuts of pork from chops to roasts along with a wide variety of pork sausges.


All of our cuts of beef are USDA Choice or higher and can be cut to any order.


We carry chicken breasts, thighs and ground chicken. Along with these products we have a variety of marinated chicken breasts and bratwursts. We also have local farm fresh whole roasting chickens and farm fresh eggs.


We have cooked and raw shrimp, scallops, lobster tail, cod, salmon, tilapia and walleye all stocked in our freezer.  Also in our freezer is salmon and trout that is smoked here in Wisconsin by Silver Moon Springs.

Bratwurst Varieties

Pork Brats                                                                                   Beef Brats

Apple & Pineapple                                                                  Regular

Apple & Sauerkraut                                                               Swiss & Onion

Bacon & Cheddar                                                                    

Beer & Onion                                                                             Lamb Brats

Cheddar                                                                                        Regular

Breakfast Bratwurst

Cranberry                                                                                    Chicken Brats

French Onion                                                                            Regular

Fresh Polish                                                                                Cordon Bleu

Honey Mustard                                                                        Tomato Basil

Mild Italian                                                                                  Garlic Mozzarella

Mushroom & Swiss                                                                 Chipotle

Jalapeno & Pepperjack


Spicy Italian

Stumps Hot Olive

Swedish Potato Sausage

Ancho-Pepper Tequila

Foothills Moonshine

Green & Gold (Cheddar & Chive)